Cotta speed reducer

Model GR15E is a heavy duty engine rotation reduction gear. A clutch and bell housing is included for mounting to an engine for a compact package with proper alignment. The gears are helical and carburized for ultimate strength and endurance. Gears are designed per AGMA specifications. The bearings are anti-friction and the case is cast iron. A wide variety of ratios are available.

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CAPACITY: 1450 lb. ft.


RATIOS: 1.28, 1.40, 1.52, 1.66, 1.82, 2.00, 2.20, 2.43

BELL HOUSINGS: SAE #1, #1/2, #0, #00

CLUTCHES: IBF214, SP314, SP218 14" and 18" rubber block drives and flywheel couplings

OUTPUT SHAFT: 4.000" diameter, 9" long with 1" x 1/2" keyway

REAR SUPPORT: Two mounting feet provided

LUBRICATION: Lube pump furnished, 25 pints sump capacity

COOLING: A heat exchanger furnished

WEIGHT: 1330 lbs

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