Cotta splitshaft pto

Model TR2090 is a heavy duty two gear split shaft PTO designed to allow the main engine to both propel the truck to the work site and then shift to PTO mode to power auxiliary deck equipment such as pumps, blowers, drills etc. The gearbox mounts between the trucks transmission and the rear axle. Power is directed to the rear axle or to the PTO shaft, but not to both at the same time. An anti-kick out feature Insures that it will not 'walk" out of either the PTO mode or the driving mode as long as torque is applied to the input shaft.

The gears are constant mesh with a sliding clutch used to select PTO or drive modes. The gears are helical, carburized, and precision ground for high strength and quiet operation. The case is cast iron and the bearings tapered roller throughout

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Nominial HP: 550

Max input speed: 3000

Center distance : 805

Ratio input to output: 1:1.08, 1:1.59 overspeed

Lubrication: Pump/splash

Input shaft: 2.75X10

Output shaft: 2.75X10

Weight: 500 lbs.

Options: Flanges, yokes, shafts, pump pads.

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