Cotta transfercase

The TR2205 Transfer Case is designed for maximum application flexibility. The T-case is completely symmetrical with four identical Input/output stations. Each station has a 2.75 X 10 splined shaft which can be used as either an input or output.

Each station can also be fitted with an optional disconnect. These disconnects will accept companion flanges or yokes and can be used as axle disconnects or as PTO disconnects. An alternate line of disconnects is offered with integral SAE pump pads.

Depending upon disconnect selection, the TR2205 can be configured as a drop box, transfer case, pump drive or PTO.

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  • Capacity:17,000 lb-ft. max input torque
  • Maximum input speed: 2,800 RPM for short duration
  • Center distance: 17 inches
  • Rotation: output same as input
  • Lubrication: Pump/splash Ratio: 1:1
  • Gears: precision ground helical
  • Bearings: tapered roller
  • Mounting: 4 holes each side
  • Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Disconnects: 2-3/4X10 spline B,C,D,E Pump pads.
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