Spicer Model112 Rigid Planetary Axle

The Spicer® 112 axle features a robust three-piece modular design, providing superior reliability for construction and material-handling vehicles. This axle allows greater customization and offers multiple configurations for various vehicles specification. With a wide range of ratios available, the Spicer 112 axle enhances traction and maneuvering in challenging conditions and the service-free wet disc brake design help to reduce heat generation and minimize power loss.


  • Dynamic Load Capacity (Kg): 8,000
  • Maximum Output Torque (Nm): 34,000
  • Overall Ratio Range: 12.798-26.250
  • Flange to Flange Range: 1400-1920
  • Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter (mm): 275 or 335


  • Planetary Ratio Options: 6.000
  • Bevel Set Ratio Options: 2.133, 2.286, 2.571, 2.818, 2.917, 3.091, 3.182, 3.444, 3.556, 3.778, 3.875, 4.125, 4.375
  • Flange to Flange Options: 1,400, 1,530, 1,660, 1,790, 1,920
  • Mounting Options: Rigid, trunnion, TP clevis
  • Input Flange Options: Hydrostatic motor, DIN 100/120, SAE 1410, Mechanics 5C, end yoke 1410/1480
  • Service Brakes: 4, 6, or 8
  • Differential Options: Open, limited slip 45%, 100% lock, no spin

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Available in the following:

  • 112
  • 112HD
  • 112WE
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