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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Eaton Airflex HEVC clutches and brakes. The Eaton Airflex High Energy Ventilated Clutch (HEVC) series is a line of clutches and brakes specifically designed to excel in severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment. By expanding the energy capacity of traditional drum-clutch products, the HEVC can provide longer slip times (up to 15 sec in grinding mills) and are capable of sustaining high torque levels at high temperatures. The HEVC series is offered in 6 sizes with drum diameters ranging from 28 to 76 inches.

Whether you are needing genuine Eaton Airflex parts, service manuals or parts lists, or you are wanting one of our factory trained technicians to repair your HEVC series clutch, we’ve got you covered. Contact the Eaton Airflex experts today!

Size/Model NumberAlternateSize/Model NumberPart Number
Eaton Airflex DW28HEVC1000Eaton Airflex 28HEVC1000
Eaton Airflex DW51HEVC1600Eaton Airflex 51HEVC1600108183
Eaton Airflex DW60HEVC1600Eaton Airflex 60HEVC1600108184
Eaton Airflex DW66HEVC1600Eaton Airflex 66HEVC1600108185
Eaton Airflex DW76HEVC1600Eaton Airflex 76HEVC1600108186
Eaton Airflex DW76HEVC2000Eaton Airflex 76HEVC2000108187

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Eaton Airflex HEVC Clutch & Brake Product Features & Benefits


  • Ventilated construction dissipates heat rapidly
  • Low Friction Wear
  • Capable of sustaining torque instead at high temperatures
  • Increases allowable start/stop time, up to 15 seconds at highest energy
  • Available in dual wide and single wide sizes


  • Net Cost Reduction due to the ability to downsize
  • Reduced peak energy usage due to longer startup time at grinding mill
  • Safeguards driveline components during startup
  • In grinding mills, end user can reduce from a dual piston to a single piston system, or increase to a mill with higher horsepower

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