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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Eaton Airflex VE clutches and brakes. The Eaton Airflex VE series clutches and brakes are very similar to the E series, with the differing features of the VE series consisting of side housings and friction shoe backing plates having an open construction and ventilating features which allows greater flow of cooling air and greater heat dissipation. The VE series elements utilize an air engagement and spring-assisted release and are commonly used in construction equipment, marine winches, and metalworking machinery. The VE series elements are offered in three sizes with the inside drum diameters being 19, 24, or 27 inches.

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Eaton Airflex VE Brake & Clutch Product Features

  • Element design provides excellent slip clutch and tension brake service when used with an air-agitating, ventilated drum
  • Torque capacities up to 221,000 lb-in (24,950 Nm)
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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor and service provider for Eaton Airflex products.

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