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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Eaton Airflex WCSB brakes. The Eaton Airflex WCSB brakes are a disc-type, water cooled and air cooled brake. These brakes provide dynamic tensioning, static holding and emergency stopping removing the need for multiple braking systems. The WCSB brakes are offered in an array of sizes with the disc diameters ranging from 24 to 48 inches.

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Size/Model NumberPart Number
Eaton Airflex 224WCSB146452C
Eaton Airflex 324WCSB146453C
Eaton Airflex 424WCSB146454C
Eaton Airflex 236WCSB146436C
Eaton Airflex 336WCSB146477C
Eaton Airflex 436WCSB146402BU
Eaton Airflex 248WCSB146478C
Eaton Airflex 348WCSB146400AR
Eaton Airflex 448WCSB146479C

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Eaton Airflex WCSB Brake Product Features

  • One brake provides dynamic tensioning, static holding and emergency stopping, eliminating the need for multiple brake systems
  • Specially formulated friction material interfaces with a copper alloy surface, to reduce or eliminate stick-slip characteristics
  • Thermal capacities up to 3,900 HP (2,908 kW)
  • Torque capacities up to 5,058,625 lb-in (571,119 Nm)
  • ABS/CDS Agency Approval; ATEX Certification
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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor and service provider for Eaton Airflex products.

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