Glendinning EEC 4 Electronic Marine Control

Glendinning EEC 4 Electronic Marine Engine Control System

Glendinning’s Complete Controls™ system offers the latest in digital technology which allows it to interface with all types of electronic engines while providing the operator with complete control over the propulsion system. Complete Controls™ was designed to give the boat operator everything from basic control operation to advanced control operation of any propulsion system that is equipped with electronic throttles and electric (solenoid operated) transmissions.

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EEC 4 Basic Control Operation

  • Economical
  • Includes all basic features (except troll)
  • Single or Dual lever control
  • Adjustable control head detent / friction settings
  • “Posi-lock” gear lockout
  • Selectable Station Transfer Methods
  • Station Lockout Capability
  • Adjustable High Idle Settings
  • Control Head Keypad Lights Dimmer
  • Dual Battery Inputs
  • Audible neutral indicator
  • “Optional” Gear / Throttle Backup System

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Model Number

Part NumberModelEngine ManufacturerTroll Mode
11230-JEEC-3John Deere/LuggerYes
11235-IVEEC-4Iveco (2 engines)No
11235-LEEC-4Lugger/John Deere (2 engines)No
11235-PCEEC-4Pleasure Craft (2 engines)No
11235-STEEC-4Steyr (2 engines)No
11235-V2EEC-4Volvo (2 engines)No

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