Glendinning Waterjet Propulsion Control

Glendinning Waterjet Propulsion Control

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The Glendinning Complete Controls 2 (CC2) Waterjet controls provides the most capable control system available on the market for marine waterjet propulsion applications.


Complete Controls 2 system is a comprehensive controls solution for any open-air express yachts with waterjet propulsion.

Any Number of Control Stations
Suitable for vessels with 1 or multiple remote control station requirements.

Any Size of Boat
Suitable for any vessel from 20 to 300 feet

Any Remote Control Functions
Includes the capability to control all of the functions required of a waterjet application – throttle, shift, reverse bucket, and steering.

Any Type of Waterjet
Compatible with any waterjet, in both the commercial and recreational market.

Any Number Of Engines
Suitable for any engine configuration – single, double, triple, quad or more.


Top Mount Controls
• 2 or 4 button keypad options.
• Separate or combined throttle and reverse bucket control capability.

ProPilot Joystick
Integrates throttle, reverse bucket and optional bow thruster for complete control over vessel position and heading.

Side Mount Controls
• Perfect for compact helm station installation.
• Separate or combined throttle and reverse bucket control capability.

Display Monitor
Provides capability for monitoring control system operation and also adjust all system parameters.

Electronic Helm
Steer-by-Wire steering sensor with tunable steering settings and a robust design.


Propulsion Control Panel
The propulsion Control Panel (PCP) includes all of the components necessary to control a single engine / waterjet propulsion system. The PCP can be configured for the specific application. Depending on the type of engine / transmission / waterjet bucket and steering control, the PCP will include the necessary components.

Hydraulic Valve Controller
The Hydraulic Valve Controller can control any hydraulic control valve, receiving commands from the helm station via the CAN network and positioning the reverse bucket or steering hydraulic cylinders to the correct position.

Engine Controller
The Engine Controller can be used to control any engine or transmission, to respond to commands from the helm station via the CAN network.


Single Engine / Single Station

Two Engine / Two Station

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