Island City A1R300 Dynamic Heat Generator

Island City A1R300 Dynamic Heat Generator

Palmer Johnson Power Systems is an authorized distributor for the Island City A1R300 Dynamic Heat Generator. This heat generator is rated for 10 HP and 26,000 BTU/HR of continuous heated fluid at 3600 RPM.

The Island City Dynamic Heat Generators (DHG) effectively convert mechanical energy into heat for a wide array of heating applications. These heat generators provide a simple, reliable, and flameless heat source for applications small (10 HP) to large (1200 HP).

The uses of Island City Dynamic Heat Generators are endless and include:

N2 Frac
Water Frac
Prevent water from freezing in tanks
Engine preheat/emission controls
Heat fluids
Heat oils, fuels, and lubricants
Heat building & shelters

Whether you are needing genuine Island City A1R300 Dynamic Heat Generator parts, service manuals or parts lists, or are wanting to explore this industry leading Heat Generator for your next application; we’ve got you covered. Contact the Island City Dynamic Heat Generator experts today!

Island City A1R300 Specs & Options:

Drive (Input):

  • Air conditioning clutch with double V or 6\8 rib serpentine drive pulley
  • Clutch 12 VDC (standard) or 24 VDC (optional)
  • SAE pump mounts – SAE A or B mount

Drive (Output):

  • M4 Motor Drive
  • SAE pump mounts - SAE AA or A mount

Exterior Mount:

  • SAE air conditioning tang or manifold
  • SAE pump mount with feet with splined shaft

Heat Capacities:

  • HP: 10
  • KW: 7
  • BTU/HR: 26,000 - of continuous heated fluid at 3600 RPM

Flow Rate (GPM):

  • Typical flow rate of 3‐5 GPM at rated speed
  • Standard Ports – ORB
  • Alternate ports – optional


  • 50/50 Glycol
  • Petroleum Oil
  • Alternate Fluids - Upon Approval


  • 95% or better at designed speed

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