Island City Single Fluid Forward Mobile Hydraulic System

Island City Single Fluid Forward Mobile Hydraulic System

The Island City Single Fluid Forward mobile hydraulic system is a revolutionary system for organizing, storing, heating, cooling, controlling and distributing hydraulic fluids and lubricants while protecting critical systems. Single Fluid Forward (SFF) minimizes POL logistics, reduces components, reduces cost, reduces weight and improves readiness. Fully compatible with MIL-L-2104 and MIL-L-46167 POL, mineral and synthetic motor oils.

How it Works:

The Single Fluid Forward is a generation forward technology to reduce POL inventory/logistics and enhance vehicle capability. It uses One Fluid (Engine Oil), One Check Point, One Fill Point, One Minute PMCS, One Lube, and is suitable for all climates.

Conventional tactical vehicles typically employ 3 to 4 different operating fluids. The Single-Fluid-Forward hydraulic system employs 1 fluid –engine oil. SFF can integrate all tactical vehicle fluid systems including: torque converter, transmission, primary steering, secondary steering, regulated hydraulic supply, auxiliary hydraulic supply, transmission retarder, and more. A crankcase top-off provision automatically maintains engine oil level without operator intervention.

A single reservoir equipped with unique cascaded compartments prioritize, distribute and provide a fluid reserve to “shared yet isolated” systems. With one fluid there is only one level to check, a simple visual PMCS instantly verifies all integrated systems. No dipsticks to pull, no plugs to remove.

Features & Benefits:

Single Operating Fluid

  • Reduced Logistics
  • Reduced Cost
  • Simplified Service
  • Fewer Components
  • Reduced Weight

Shared Reservoir Capacity

  • Long Fluid Life
  • Large Fluid Reservoir
  • Consistent Fluid Viscosity
  • Less than 2% Aeration
  • Reduced Weight
  • Reduced Onboard Fluids
  • Fewer Filters

Shared Cooling

  • Rapid Warm-Up System
  • Efficient Water Removal
  • Extend Component Life

Single Fill Point

  • Improved Cleanliness
  • Extended Component Life
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Visual Fluid Level Check

Common Motor Oil

  • Mineral Base MIL2104
  • Synthetic Oil w/o Mods

Shared Filtration

  • Fewer Filters
  • Hydraulic Quality Filtration
  • Longer Oil Life
  • Extended Component Life

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