Island City Rapid Extinguishing Fire Fighting System REFFS

Island City Rapid Extinguishing Fire Fighting System (REFFS)

The Island City Rapid Extinguishing Fire Fighting System (REFFS) is a high-pressure/low volume fire fighting system designed for military and rugged commercial applications.

Developed to combat fuel-fed fires for the United States Army, REFFS successfully underwent testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground, and troop evaluations to theatre. REFFS is ideally suited for fighting intense fires in remote areas where resources are at a premium. Combined, atomized water and foam rapidly extinguish difficult fires.


REFFS is a revolutionary tool for battling fires in remote locations. Its unique design and advanced features offer unbeatable efficiency when it comes to tackling blazes. What sets REFFS apart from other firefighting solutions is its ability to work quickly and effectively in hard-to-reach settings. This is a great product for rural townships, counties, and municipalities.


Water Delivery: 16 gpm
Foam: 1 to 5% - Adjustable
Delivery Pressure: 1500 psi
Duration: 10 min (130 gal water tank)
Extinguishing Stream Range: 6 to 70 feet
Foam Delivery: 1300 to 2600 gal per 130 gal tank
Wireless RF Operating Range: 350 feet
Electrical System: 24 VDC, SAE J1939 CTRL
Hand Nozzle: 3-Position Barrel Throw-Spray-Foam
Power: 21.7 hp KUBOTA diesel engine


REFFS (dry): 1660 lb (steel skid)
REFFS (wet):
2900 lb (steel skid)
REFFS (dry):
1260 lb (aluminum skid)
REFFS (wet):
2484 lb (aluminum skid)


Overall Dim (L x W x H): 82 in x 45 in x 60 in
80 in x 44 in
Ship Dim:
(L x W x H): 82 in x 45 in x 60 in
Volume (at shipping dimension):
128 cu ft
Base Area:
25.63 square feet
150 feet (optional 300 feet) w/ power rewind

System Fluid Capacity:

Water Tank: 130 gal
2 x 5 gal
2 x 5.3 gal (DF1/DF2/DFA/JP8)
Engine Crankcase (OE):
1.3 gal

Available Options:

Seamless Vehicle/Trailer Integration
Integrated Water Tank
Remote Water Pick-up/Supply
Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame
Artic Kit
Wireless/Hardwire Controlled Remote Bumper Turret

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