Island City Fast II Trailer

The Island City FAST II Trailer is a tandem axle trailer with a full independent swing-axle suspension designed to maintain course speeds consistent with emerging high-mobility logistic trucks in demanding terrain.

The Island City FAST II is fitted with a demountable deck or flatrack for carrying general and break bulk cargoes, vehicle recovery in addition to standard inter-modal containers. With a 2.5:1 payload/weight ratio, the FAST II spans requirements across medium and heavy platforms. Lightweight, highly-modular construction and a unique tube chassis adapts to changing and future missions.


Curb: 11,500 lb
Payload (nominal):
13 ton
Payload (max):
14-1/2 ton
GVW (13 ton Payload):
41,000 lb
44,800 lb


Overall Dim (L x W x H): 314 in x 99 in x 57 in
Departure Angle:
40 deg
Ground Clearance (Axle Center):
13 in
Break-over Clearance:
24 in
Wheel Travel:
16 in
ISO Deck Height:
46.5 in
Height w/ 9' ISO Container:
155 in
Deck Height w/ M1077 Flat-rack:
58.2 in
Lunette Height:
30 in/38 in Adjustable

Standard Payloads:

M1077 Flatrack (All Variants) and Flatrack Modules
20' ISO Container
M3 CROP (All Variants)

Standard Equipment:

Fully-independent Air-ride Suspension
Rigid Central Tube Chassis
Tire: 395 85R20 XAL w/ Filed Serviceable Run-flat
ABS: 2S4M w/ Stability Control
CTIS: 4th Gen, 4-Ch. Rapid Deflation, Auto Payload Compensating
Military 12-pin/Commercial 7-pin Electrical Connections
Reverse Polarity, ESD and EMP Protected

Optional Equipment:

Modular 5th Wheel Hitch Adapter
Deck Pallet
Magnetic 12-pin Electrical Connector
Spare Tire Carrier/Handler
Expandable BII/Tool Carrier
Rapid Coupling Lunette

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