Jastram digital wheel

Digital Wheels are unique input devices which provide full follow-up digital electric control. The two main features of the Digital Wheel over the standard electric wheel are:

  1. A programmable number of wheel turns from ¼ to 10 turns lock to lock.
  2. When taking over control of the steering system the Digital wheel takes over at the present position of the rudder.

Under power steering, the steering wheel is turned to produce a rudder command signal. The rudder then follows up to the position requested by the wheel.

  • Only compatible with Jastram Digital steering systems
  • Two versions of the DW are available:
    • DW-1 is the standard unit and produces one output single
    • DW-2 produces two output signals – the second signals for control redundancy, or for the operation of a second steering system where independent twin steering gears are installed.
  • Effort to turn the wheel does not change regardless of operating conditions

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Steering Wheel: The wheel is not supplied with the digital wheel.
DW shaft dimensions are: 1” by 1 7/8” shaft with a ¼” square key
Output Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
Recommended Cable: 16 AWG 2 wire, not shielded

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