Kessler Tandem Tridem Axles

Kessler Tandem And Tridem Axles

Palmer Johnson is a Kessler & Co authorized distributor. Kessler Axles are manufactured in Germany and are used in pieces of equipment all over the world with a growing market in North America. The Kessler tandem and tridem axles are comprised by the series or axle type of D81DDPL477, D81DDPL478, D91DDPL488, D91DDPL408, D102DDPL327, and D102DDPL429.

The Kessler tandem and tridem axles are used by some of the world's most trusted equipment manufacturer's including Astra, Demag, Faun, Grove, Liebherr, Link Belt, Rosenbauer, and Soilmec.

Palmer Johnson has you covered no matter what your Kessler axle need is. Whether you are needing Kessler axle parts, a Kessler axle parts book, a Kessler axle manual, service and repair, a replacement axle, or simply want to talk to the experts to troubleshoot an issue with your Kessler axle; we’ve got you covered with it all. Contact us today!

Kessler Steer Drive Axle Common Assembly Numbers

Kessler Axle Type D71DDPL & LT71DDPL

Kessler Axle TypeKessler Axle Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
LT71DDPL47871.8235.3CDemagAC 335
LT71VDDPL37872.2886.3DemagAC 80-1
LT71DPL37772.4265.3EFaunFA 031
LT71V2DDPL47772.4266.3GFaunFA 031
D71DDPL8472.4722.3BFaunFA 044
LT71DDPL47772.5705.3BFaunFA 035
LT71V2DDPL47772.8179.2BFaunFA 065
LT71DPL47872.0428.3CLiebherrLTM 1080-1
LT71DDPL47872.3788.3DLiebherrLTM 1095-5.1
LT71DDPL8472.3748.3CLink BeltHTC 8690
D71DDPL8072.5677.3CLink BeltHTT 3130
D71DDPL8072.5680.3ALink BeltHTT 3130
D71DDPL8472.6941.3ALink BeltHTC/HTT 3130-J8
D71DDPL8472.6942.3ALink BeltHTT 3130-J8
D71DDPL8472.8860.3Link BeltHTT 3130-J8
D71DDPL8472.6941.3ALink BeltHTT 3130
D71DDPL47872.2396.3BSoilmecMR 5000

Kessler Axle Type D81DDPL & LT81DDPL

Kessler Axle TypeKessler Axle Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
D81DPL48882.0689.3LAstraADT 25 & ADT 30
D81DPL48882.1994.3AstraADT 25 & ADT 30
D81DPL488NLB446082.1997.3BAstraADT 30
D81DDPL8082.1229.3DRosenbauerPanther 6X6
LT81DDPL47782.2009.3CFaunFA 029
LT81DDPL47882.7683.3FaunFA 067
LT81DDPL47881.8295.3LiebherrLM 1160-2
LT81DDPL37881.9591.3LiebherrLTM 1300-1
LT81DDPL47882.0512.3FLiebherrLTM 1200-5.1

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Kessler Tandem & Tridem Axle Product Specs

TypeAxle RatioDynamic Tandem LoadsBrakesMinimum Rim DiameterBolt Circle Diameter
6.36 - 28.0400 kNTB, SN20"335 mm
D91DDPL4887.95 - 25.66500 kNTB, SN24"425 mm
D91DDPL40810.19 - 31.71600 kNSB, SN24"KF
10.10 - 31.13800 kNSB24"KF

TB = drum brake, SN = S-cam brake
SB = disc brake, KF = clamped rim fixation

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