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Palmer Johnson is a Kessler & Co authorized distributor. Kessler transmissions are manufactured in Germany and are used in pieces of equipment all over the world with a growing market in North America. The Kessler powershift transmissions are comprised by the series or type of LS610 and LS2000.

Palmer Johnson has you covered no matter what your Kessler transmission need is. Whether you are needing Kessler transmission parts, a Kessler transmission parts book, a Kessler transmission manual, service and repair, a replacement transmission, or simply want to talk to the experts to troubleshoot an issue with your Kessler transmission; we’ve got you covered with it all. Contact us today!

With the LS610, Kessler + Co offers a solution of a two-speed transmission for hydrostatic drive. The maximum transmittable power is 130 kW and the maximum hydraulic motor size is 160 ccm. These Kessler LS610 power shift transmissions are used in many different applications and vehicle types, such as compact mobile cranes, material handlers and harvesters.

The Kessler LS2000 is a power shift transmission for an electric drive Train. The transmission provides two gears with a spread of 2,5 and maximal input turning speed of 6000 rpm. The power shift clutches are designed to synchronize electric motors with a high moment of inertia. Optionally, the unit is available with a control unit which performs the switching functions on request on request of the vehicle control via CAN bus.

Kessler Power Shift Transmission Product Specs:

Type1st Gear Ratio2nd Gear RatioShaft DistanceConnectionMax Input Torque
LS6105.85 / 4.71.212190 mmhydraulic motor up to 160 ccm709 Nm
LS20006.62.5625 mm

SAE #2 electric motor


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Kessler Transmission Common Assembly Numbers

Kessler TypeKessler Transmission Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
LS610W1318.3AFuchsMHL 430
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