SenderCAN is a compact, encapsulated input & output module for J1939 CANbus systems.

SenderCAN allows the integration of analogue and digital measurement, control and indicating devices into modern CAN and ECU-based engines and systems. SenderCAN has up to four inputs and two outputs, each of which is factory configured to OEM requirements. Inputs can be set for use with resistive sender or switch signals, which are translated into J1939 CANbus messages with appropriate PGN address, data scaling and transmission rate. Outputs can be configured to drive gauges, lamps, relays or other control devices, based on received J1939 data.

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Power supply

  • Operating voltage: 7 to 35 VDC
  • Current consumption: 25mA (typ.)


  • Input range: OEM/application specific, -2 to +35 VDC max
  • Output: OEM/application specific, 250mA max.
  • CANbus: SAE J1939 protocol, optional 120 Ohm terminating resistor


  • Case material: High impact ABS, epoxy filled
  • Weight: Approx 60 g / 0.13 lb
  • Operating temperature: -40oF to +185oF / (-40o C to +85o C)
  • Environmental Sealing: IP65 case, exposed lead ends
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: 2004/108/EC
  • Electrical:
    • J1113-11 pulses 1c, 2a, 3a/b and 5a
    • EN 61000-4-2 ESD
    • EN 61000-4-3 Radiated disturbance
    • EN 61000-4-4 Fast transients
    • EN 61000-4-5 High Energy transients
    • EN 61000-4-6 Conducted RF disturbance
    • CISPR 16-1-2, 4.3 Conducted emissions
    • CISPR 16-2-3 Radiated emissions
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