Murphy by Enovation Murphy Connect Telematics Unit

The Murphy CONNECT telematics unit provides dependable communication power to PowerCore®controllers and panels with simple plug-and-play installation.

With Murphy CONNECT's cloud-based dashboard, engine owners can reduce costs, prevent downtime and optimize efficiency with intelligent analytics, real-time alerts and warnings directly from their computer or mobile device with an easy-to-use web portal. Built for the elements, the Murphy CONNECT telematics unit is equipped with rugged protection against freezing temperatures, extreme heat, moisture and dust. LTE cell technology provides worryfree data networking and allows you to stay connected from any location.

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  • Electrical
    • Operating Voltage: 9-36 VDC, reverse polarity protected
    • Max Voltage: -40 to +60 VDC
    • Power Consumption:
      • 12 VDC:
        • Transmitting: 265mA
        • Idle: 135mA
        • Off: 0.5mA (Using IGN to turn off)
        • On: ~175mA Average
      • 24 VDC:
        • Transmitting: 135mA
        • Idle: 90mA
        • Off: 0.5mA (Using IGN to turn off)
        • On: ~115mA Average
  • Communications:
    • CAN: (1) J1939 (Future use)
    • RS485: Modbus RTU
    • Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n (Troubleshooting)
    • Cellular: LTE
    • GPS Location Services
    • Connection: Amphenol AT06-08S
    • Inputs (1):
      • Digital: (Future use) [Shared with digital output]
    • Outputs (1):
      • Digital: (Future use) [Shared with digital input], protected
  • Environmental:
    • Operating Temperature: -30˚C to +80˚C (-22˚F to +176˚F)
    • Storage Temperature: -30˚C to +80˚C (-22˚F to +176˚F)
    • Protection: IP67
    • Vibration: Random vibration, 8.17 gRMS (5-2000 Hz), in 3 axes
      • Specification was met without the use of rubber isolation mounts
    • Shock: 25g in 3 axes
      • Specification was met without the use of rubber isolation mounts
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