Murphy mt90

The Murphy Selectronic MT90 digital tachometer offers high accuracy and dependability resulting from use of a quartz crystal time based and digital, solid-state electronics.

Tachometer power is supplied by either a Murphy magnetic pickup, mounted at the flywheel ring-gear of an engine, or by a 12, 24 or 32 volt DC battery system.

RPM data is supplied by either a Murphy magnetic pickup or by the alternator in your battery charging circuit. The MT90 tachometer also has back-lighting for easy readings in low lit areas; this lighting requires a battery power source.

• ±1 RPM Accuracy
• Easy Calibration
• Clear-Read LCD Display
• Back Light for Night Viewing (Battery Powered models)
• Input Source Can Be a Magnetic Pickup or Engine Alternator
• Power Supplied by Magnetic Pickup or 12, 24, or 32 VDC Battery System

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Signal Input Voltage: 4 to 35 Vrms from a magnetic pickup or alternator.

Pulses per Revolution: 3 to 999.

Power Requirements: Pickup Power: 4-35Vrms; Battery Power: 8-40 VDC (12, 24, 32 volt).

Current: Tach back-light Off, 4mA @ 40 VDC.; Tach back-light On, 25 mA @ 40 VDC.

Case: 1018 polycarbonate/polyester blend.

Lens: Polycarbonate.

Bezel: #430 Stainless Steel.

Display: LCD, 4-digit, seven segment.

Operating Temperature: -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C).

Storage Temperature: -13 to 185°F (-25 to 85°C). Mounting Hole: 3-7/16 in. (87 mm).

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