Murphy pd8100

Murphy by Enovation PD8100 Series Pressure Sensor

The PD8100 Series eliminates pointer flutter on pressure indicating SWICHGAGE® devices which are subject to pulsating pressure from reciprocating pumps or compressors. It also allows a close setting of high and low contact points providing for more accurate pressure indication and control of equipment.

The PD8100 Series decreases wear on geared movements and increases the life of pressure indicating instruments by eliminating excessive gage strain and unnecessary movement.

• Used On Controllers, Instruments and Recorders to Dampen Pressure Pulsation
• Eliminate Gage Pointer Flutter
• Aids In Providing More Accurate Pressure Indication
• Decreases Wear On Gage’s Geared Movement

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PD8183: All wetted parts are Brass.
Rated to 3,000 psi (20.68 MPa) [206.80 bar].

PD8184: All wetted parts are Carbon steel.
Rated to 5,000 psi (34.47 MPa) [344.70 bar].

PD8185: All wetted parts are 303 stainless steel.
Rated to 10,000 psi (68.95 MPa) [689.50 bar].

PD8190: All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel.
Rated to 10,000 psi (68.95 MPa) [689.50 bar].
Meets NACE standard MR-01-75 for direct exposure to H2S.

Operating Temperature: -15 to 400°F (-26 to 204°C)

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