Murphy shd30

Murphy by Enovation SHD30 and SHD30-45 Speed/Time Sensors

The SHD30 and SHD30-45 are microprocessor based tachometers with hourmeter and an overspeed trip point. The trip point can be connected as either a form “c” relay output or as a normally open SCR output for alarm or shutdown on overspeed.

• Normally Open and Normally Closed Overspeed Alarm or Shutdown Switch (Standard)
• RPM Data and Power Supplied by Magnetic Pickup or Capacitor Discharge (CD) Ignition
• Accurate to ±0.5% of Display Reading
• Hours Can Be Preset and Reset to Zero
• Approved for Class I, Division 2, Groups C & D Hazardous Areas

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Power input:

  • CD ignition: 90 to 350 VDC.
  • 150 µA typical @ 90 VDC;
  • 300 µA @ 350 VDC.
  • Magnetic Pickup: 5 to 120 Vrms.
  • 325 µA typical @ 5 Vrms, 100 Hz;
  • 450 µA typical @ 5 Vrms, 1 kHz;
  • 1 mA typical @ 5 Vrms, 5 kHz;
  • 2 mA typical @ 5 Vrms, 10 kHz;
  • 15 mW max. @ 5 Vrms, 10 kHz;
  • 2.8 W max. @ 120 Vrms, 10 kHz.

Backup Batteries: 2 replaceable, long life Lithium batteries, Panasonic CR2032 or equivalent, 3 V, 220 mAh power. Shelf life expectancy 10 years.

Operating Temperature: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C).

Storage Temperature: -40° to 300°F (-40° to 150°C).

Case Material: Plastic.

Ignition Frequency Range: 3 to 666 Hz.

Magnetic Pickup Frequency Range: 1 to 10 kHz.

Overspeed Output: Connected to S.C.R. (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) terminals: 0.5 A, 350 VDC continuous. Connected to Form “C” Relay terminals: Relay Contact, 0.5 A, 30 VDC, 125 VAC resistive.

Tachometer Accuracy: ±0.5% of the display reading or ±1 RPM whichever is greater.

Hourmeter Range: 0 to 65535 hrs.

Hourmeter Accuracy: ±15 minutes per year.

Laboratory Approvals: CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved for Class I, Division 2, Groups C & D hazardous areas.

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