Murphy 10705147


• Large sweep scales for maximum legibility

• Internal illumination for night use

• Accuracy: 2% full scale

• Sealed housing

• Ambient temperature compensation

• Calibrated permanently at 2/3 scale

• Flush type mounting on any plane

Benefits of Using a Pyrometer

• Longer engine life

• Better fuel economy

• Less lubrication oil dilution

• Lubrication oil stays clean much longer

• Exhaust emissions drop to a minimum

• Malfunctions indicated before excessive damage occurs

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Dial Scale Single: 300 to 1300°F (150 to 700°C)

Dual: 300 to 1200°F (150 to 649°C) (Celsius only dials available.) Dial Sweep (both models): 100°.

Accuracy: Full scale 2%.

Illumination: Internal 12 or 24 VDC.

Bezel: Polished stainless steel. (Black bezel available by special order.)

Case: PVC.

Pointer(s): Fire Orange.

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