NAMCO Transmission Power Take Offs

NAMCO has been producing superior quality gear products Since 1976. As part of our standard production lineup of products, we now offer a complete product range of Transmission mounted Power Take-Offs (PTO's) for a variety of applications and power ratings.

Available in standard air-shift or in “hot-shift” options, NAMCO PTOs are built for rugged scenarios both for on & off-highway applications.

NAMCO is focused on selling our PTO’s directly to OEM’s for their equipment build programs. This direct approach provides a better quality product, while realizing savings. Please inquire with our sales team for the proper model and transmission type to ensure the proper product is specified at point of engineering.

NAMCO PTO Product Features:

  • Tougher than the competition
  • Improved Gear Geometry
  • Larger and Better Bearing Design
  • Up to 30 Percent Stronger
  • Increased Load Capacity on Bearings
  • Superior Gear Tooth Synchronization
  • Dual Seal Design
  • Unique Assembly Design and Improved Serviceability

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