Industrial Transmissions

NAMCO Industrial Transmissions

NAMCO gear drives apply to wide of array industries in harsh and demanding conditions. Available in multiple ratios, any configuration and engineered to handle input loads as required, the NAMCO Industrial Transmission is the best in the marketplace.

NAMCO Transmissions directly pertain, but are not limited to the following Industries and applications:

  • Mining & Oil Sands Planetary Drives for Apron Feeders and Centrifuges, Crusher Drives, Exciter Drives for Screen Shakers, Conveyor Drives, High Speed Compressor Drives, and many more
  • Pulp & Paper Planetary Drives , Digester Drives, Parallel Shaft Reduction Drives, High Speed Compressor Drives, Saw Mill Primary Drives
  • Plastics & Rubber Extruder Drives, Parallel and vertical shaft reduction drives, Cooling Tower Fan Drives, Mixer rives, Calendar Roll Drives, Open Gearing
  • Recycling & Waste Management Conveyor Reduction Drives, Crusher & Shredder Drives
  • Petrochemical Mixer Drives, High Speed Compressor Drives, Parallel & Vertical Shaft Reduction Drives, Cooling Tower Fan Drives, Kiln Drives & Open Gearing

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