REICH rflex 570x570

Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Reich R-Flex couplings. The R-Flex coupling is a series of all metal, maintenance free couplings manufactured to the highest standards for applications requiring no backlash and high torsional stiffness.

The Reich R-Flex coupling series covers a torque range from 40 Nm to 250,000 Nm making it the perfect torsionally rigid coupling solution for nearly any application.

Whether you are needing a replacement coupling, help troubleshooting your existing Reich coupling, or are interested in a brand new application; we're here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today!

Reich R-Flex Coupling Features:

  • Torsionally rigid and backlash-free torque transmission
  • Low weight with high torque capacity
  • High rotation speeds
  • No maintenance or lubrication required
  • Accommodate angular, axial and radial misalignments
  • Operate at high and low temperatures
  • Small reaction forces from shaft misalignment
  • Possible to replace disc pack elements without displacement of
    coupled equipment
  • Can be provided to meet API 610 and API 671 upon request
  • Almost unlimited life and wear-free with proper shaft alignment

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