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Fully submerged propellers are manufactured in NiBrAl up to 3 m diameter with a power range from 600 Hp up to 5000 Hp.

Propellers are designed with a computer panel code method allowing the entire 3-D study and optimization of the geometry.

To properly interface the propeller with its application the hull lines of any design of particular importance can be preliminarily analyzed to predict resistance, trim and wake field at the propeller disc.

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CFD analysis of submerged propellers

Submerged propellers are designed using programs developed in-house and based on the panel method.

Every possible shape is analyzed and the best is used to generate modified versions until the perfect propeller shape is found at the end of the iterative process. The panel method is fast and sufficiently accurate for most conventional propellers, but since it is based on "potential flow theory", the viscous effects are neglected.

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