Twin Disc HP800

The Twin Disc HP800 hydraulic PTO is an oil-filled, multiple disc, hydraulically-actuated self-adjusting clutch. The HP800 has been developed with a number of unique features that offer reliability, productivity and power. The HP800 has been designed for a wide range of heavy-duty applications including crushers, grinders, mulchers, dredgers, heavy-duty drills and many others. Contact us today for further support whether it's for parts, service, or a complete replacement unit.

Twin Disc HP800 Product Features:

  • Hydraulically actuated and self-adjusting wet clutch
  • Suitable for in-line and side-load applications
  • Advanced control system for smooth engagement
  • Remote actuation via J1939 or switch input
  • No pilot bearing
  • High side load capability
  • Maximum power rating 800 HP @ 1800 rpm
  • Available pump pads: SAE “A” • SAE “B” • SAE “C” • SAE “D” • SAE “E”
  • Pump tower rotatable by 0°/45°/90° CW/CCW
  • 1:1 standard with optional 0.83:1 & 0.77:1 speed increase on pump tower
  • SAE #0 & SAE #1 input housing
  • SAE 460 (18”) & SAE 355 (14”) input coupling
  • Optional integrated reservoir
  • Standard charge/lube pump included
  • Two towers with two pump pads each
    • 400 HP maximum capacity per tower
    • 450 HP maximum capacity for both towers

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Common HP800 Model & BOM Numbers: HP800P1, HP800P0, HP800I1, HP800I0, S1041060, S1041061, S1041062, S1041063, S1041064, S1041065, S1041066, S1041067, S1041068, S1041069, S1041070, S1041071, S1041072, S1041073, S1041074, S1041075, S1041076, S1041077, S1041078, S1041079, S1041107, S1043795, S1030864, S1031782, S1031831, S1031851, S1033481, S1034793, S1035020, S1035227, S1035293, S1035295, S1035837, S1035845, S1030631, S1037188, S1037862, S1038230, S1038406, S1040415, S1040644

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