MG 5095

The Twin Disc MG-5095 series consists of three models being the MG-5095SC, MG-5095A, & MG-5095RV (MG5095SC, MG5095A, & MG5095RV). Palmer Johnson is North America’s leading distributor for all of your MG-5095 marine gear transmission needs. Whether you are needing a replacement marine gear transmission, parts to do the repair yourself, or if you are wanting the factory trained technicians of PJ’s service department to rebuild your Twin Disc MG-5095 transmission, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and you’ll be back up and running in no time!

Standard Equipment

MG-5095 SC & MG-5095 A

  • SAE J617 housing no. 1
  • Flexible coupling for 14” flywheel (SAE J620 size 355)
  • Mechanical control valve
  • Oil strainer

MG-5095 RV

  • Input flange size GWB 587.20
  • Mechanical control valve
  • Oil strainer


  • SAE J617 housing no. 2
  • Flexible coupling for 11.5” flywheel (SAE J620 size 290)
  • Electric control valve (12 VDC or 24 VDC)
  • Trolling valve (mechanical or electrical)
  • Oil filter mounted
  • Oil cooler with thermostatic bypass valve
  • Companion flange/bolts set
  • Monitoring devices to customer’s specification
  • Hydraulic Clutchable PTO – max. 641 Nm
  • Mounting brackets
  • Live PTO – max. 593 Nm
    SAE J744 size 127-4, 32-4 (SAE “C”, 4-bolt)
  • Hydraulic Clutchable PTO – max. 415 Nm
    SAE J744 size 127-4, 32-4 (SAE “C”, 4-bolt)
  • Hydraulic Clutchable PTO – max. 415 Nm
    Shaft with key

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Maximum 597 kW (800 hp) @ 2300 RPM (Pleasure Craft)

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