Twindisc sp111

The SP111P series PTO is suitable for both inline and side load applications. The SP111P (SP111HP3, SP111, SP111P1, SP111HP1, SP111P2, SP111HP2, SP111P3) power take-off is used in a wide array of applications with the most common being wood chippers, irrigation pumps, manure pumps, flood control, snow blowers, and agriculture.

Palmer Johnson Power Systems is North America’s leading Twin Disc distributor with over 40 years of experience servicing the Twin Disc product line. We have an expansive inventory of replacement parts and complete units for the SP111P series PTO’s. In addition to our inventory, we have product experts that can troubleshoot your issues and offer sound solutions as well as factory trained technicians that can repair your PTO and get you back up and running quick. No matter the need for your SP111P power take-off, we are here to help. Contact us today!

Key Features

  • Available in sizes 11.5″ through 21.0″
  • Tapered roller main bearings
  • Optional sintered iron plates
  • Optional ball bearing throw out
  • Built-in hex nut
  • Creates suitable application torque capacity
  • More suitable for side load applications
  • Allows for more frequent engagements
  • Creates 25% higher torque capacity
  • Eases adjustment verification

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Active Twin Disc BOM & Assembly Numbers: SP111P101, SP111P102, SP111P103, SP111P104, SP111P201, SP111P202, SP111P203, SP111P204, SP111P205, SP111P206, SP111P208, SP111P214, SP111P301, SP111P303, SP111P304, SP111P305, SP111P306, SP111P312, SP111P323, SP111P328, SP111P329, SP111P330, SP111P331, SP311P332, SP111P333, SP111P335, SP111P336, SP111P337, SP111P338, SP111P339, SP111P340, SP111P341, SP111P349, SP111P350

Legacy Twin Disc BOM & Assembly Numbers: SP111P105, SP111P106, SP111P107, SP111P209, SP111P212, SP111P213, SP111P302, SP111P307, SP111P308, SP111P309, SP111P310, SP111P311, SP111P313, SP111P314, SP111P315, SP111P316, SP111P317, SP111P318, SP111P319, SP111P320, SP111P321, SP111P322, SP111P324, SP111P325, SP111P326, SP111P327, SP111P334

OEM Assembly Numbers:

    • SP111P101 equals Link Belt P/N 8H1279
    • SP111P202 equals CAT P/N 4W2650 (4W-2650)
    • SP111P203 equals CAT P/N 3N7841
    • SP111P206 equals CAT P/N 5N7329
    • SP111P301 equals Cummins P/N 3075397, Bandit P/N 904-0000-53
    • SP111P302, SP111P315 & SP111P337 equals P/N 1347633C1 (N1347633C1)
    • SP111P306, SP111P327, & SP111P328 equals CNH P/N 248953A1
    • SP111P307 equals Morbark P/N 24542-105
    • SP111P313 equals CAT P/N 3N7839
    • SP111P323 equals Vermeer P/N 128465001
    • SP111P330 equals Morbark P/N 24542-101
    • SP111P333 equals CNH P/N N100351 (100351)
    • SP111P335 equals Bandit P/N 900-6944-36
    • SP111C001 equals Cotta P/N 80VX460
    • SP111C002 equals Cotta P/N 80VX1697, CNH P/N V47411, Vermeer P/N 128465085
    • SP111C005 equals Cotta P/N 80VX1016
    • SP111C006 equals Bandit P/N 900-6944-34
    • SP111C007 equals Manitowoc Crane P/N 7316000032
    • SP111C013 equals Manitowoc Crane P/N 7316000006
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