Twindisc sp318s

The SP318S series PTO is a straddle bearing power take-off that is ideal for large side load applications. The SP318S (SP318, SP318SB0) power take-off is used in a wide array of applications with the most common being sand dredges, irrigation pumps, crane & hoisting, metal shredders, recycling equipment, jaw crushers, and compressors.

Palmer Johnson Power Systems is North America’s leading Twin Disc distributor with over 40 years of experience servicing the Twin Disc product line. We have an expansive inventory of replacement parts and complete units for the SP318S series PTO’s. In addition to our inventory, we have product experts that can troubleshoot your issues and offer sound solutions as well as factory trained technicians that can repair your PTO and get you back up and running quick. No matter the need for your SP318S power take-off, we are here to help. Contact us today!

Key Features

  • Straddle-bearing design
  • No pilot bearing
  • Ball bearing throw out
  • Optional sintered iron plates
  • Built-in hex nut
  • More suitable for side load applications
  • Ease of installation
  • Allows for more frequent engagements
  • Creates 25% higher torque capacity
  • Eases adjustment verification

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Active Twin Disc BOM & Assembly Numbers: SP318S001, SP318S002, SP318S004, SP318S005, SP318S006, SP318S007, SP318S008

Legacy Twin Disc BOM & Assembly Numbers: SP318S003

OEM Assembly Numbers:

  • SP318S001 equals Bandit P/N 900-6923-18, 900692318
  • SP318S004 equals Terex P/N 70012060

Maximum Input Torque (lb-ft) Class I - 6000

Clutch Maximum HP Rating

  • Class II - 933
  • Class III - 622
  • Class IV - 467
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