Twin Disc AM080 REPTO Drive

The Twin Disc AM080 is a rear-engine power take-off (REPTO) and has a maximum power rating of 1,533 horsepower at 2,300 RPM.  It’s built for severe applications, including driving hydraulic pumps, grinders, crushers, dredgers, chippers, shredders and drills. It compliments a full system of Twin Disc products that work in conjunction with each other including power takeoffs, marine gears, and transmissions.

A key enhancement of the AM080 REPTO Drive is its high-power capabilities. Each pump tower has a 400-horsepower maximum capacity and a combined 450 horsepower capacity for both towers.

The drive is rotatable by 0°, 45°, 90°, either clockwise or counter-clockwise and 180° which makes it adaptable for clearance in any installation. The pads and splines are easily interchangeable in the field to accommodate varying pump sizes.

The AM080 REPTO Drive is available in both single and dual tower models.

Features of the Twin Disc AM080 REPTO drive include:

  • Compact design
  • Single and dual tower options
  • Pump tower ratios of 1.00:1, 0.87:1, and 0.77:1
  • Up to four pump pads available
  • SAE #3 through SAE #0 input and output housings
  • SAE 11.5” through 18” input and output flywheel connection
  • SAE A through E pump pads and splines

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AM080 Assembly & Model Numbers:

AM080S, AM080D, S1035396, S1037163, S1038280, S1038817, S1038876, S1039775, S1040209, S1040684

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