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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Wichita Low Inertia Brakes. The Wichita Low Inertia Brakes are designed to be completely free from effects of centrifugal force and self energization. The line of Wichita Low Inertia Brakes interface well with automated controls through simple air and/or electric circuits. This series is offered in a size range of 4“ to 60” in diameter in 1, 2, 3, or 4 plate units.

Whether you are needing genuine Wichita parts, service manuals or parts lists, or you are wanting one of our factory trained technicians to repair your Wichita Low Inertia Brake; we’ve got you covered. Contact the Wichita Brake experts today!

The Wichita Low Inertia Brakes are found in a wide array of industries including lumber processing, marine, material handling, metal production, metal forming, paper manufacturing, petroleum, rubber manufacturing, brick manufacturing, canning & bottling machines, air movement pumps, and agitators.

Common Model NumberAlternate Model NumberAssembly NumberDrawing Number
Wichita Clutch LIB 104Wichita Clutch ATD 104 LIB7-004-100-803-07-004-100-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 204Wichita Clutch ATD 204 LIB7-004-200-801-0B-518
Wichita Clutch LIB 106Wichita Clutch ATD 106 LIB7-006-100-203-07-006-100-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 206Wichita Clutch ATD 206 LIB7-006-200-200-0D-465
Wichita Clutch LIB 108Wichita Clutch ATD 108 LIB7-008-100-108-07-008-100-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 208Wichita Clutch ATD 208 LIB7-008-200-105-07-008-200-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 308Wichita Clutch ATD 308 LIB7-008-300-100-0D-164
Wichita Clutch LIB 111Wichita Clutch ATD 111 LIB7-011-100-107-0B-105
Wichita Clutch LIB 211Wichita Clutch ATD 211 LIB7-011-200-102-07-011-200-902-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 311Wichita Clutch ATD 311 LIB7-011-300-100-0B-408
Wichita Clutch LIB 114Wichita Clutch ATD 114 LIB7-014-100-102-07-014-100-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 214Wichita Clutch ATD 214 LIB7-014-200-101-07-014-200-902-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 314Wichita Clutch ATD 314 LIB7-014-300-102-0B-288
Wichita Clutch LIB 116Wichita Clutch ATD 116 LIB7-016-100-100-0D-461
Wichita Clutch LIB 216Wichita Clutch ATD 216 LIB7-016-200-100-07-016-200-904-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 316Wichita Clutch ATD 316 LIB7-016-300-100-07-016-300-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 118Wichita Clutch ATD 118 LIB7-015-100-100-07-018-100-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 218Wichita Clutch ATD 218 LIB7-018-200-100-07-018-200-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 318Wichita Clutch ATD 318 LIB7-018-300-103-0D-1218
Wichita Clutch LIB 121Wichita Clutch ATD 121 LIB7-021-100-100-0D-373
Wichita Clutch LIB 221Wichita Clutch ATD 221 LIB7-021-200-100-0D-267
Wichita Clutch LIB 321Wichita Clutch ATD 321 LIB7-021-300-100-0D-740
Wichita Clutch LIB 124HWichita Clutch ATD 124H LIB7-025-100-101-0D-779
Wichita Clutch LIB 224HWichita Clutch ATD 224H LIB7-025-200-101-0D-371
Wichita Clutch LIB 324HWichita Clutch ATD 324H LIB7-025-300-201-07-025-300-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 127Wichita Clutch ATD 127 LIB7-027-100-100-0D-151
Wichita Clutch LIB 227Wichita Clutch ATD 227 LIB7-027-200-100-0D-428
Wichita Clutch LIB 327Wichita Clutch ATD 327 LIB6-027-300-100-0D-689
Wichita Clutch LIB 130HWichita Clutch ATD 130H LIB7-031-100-100-0B-312
Wichita Clutch LIB 230HWichita Clutch ATD 230H LIB7-031-200-316-0B-296
Wichita Clutch LIB 330HWichita Clutch ATD 330H LIB7-031-300-304-07-031-300-904-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 136Wichita Clutch ATD 136 LIB7-036-100-100-07-036-100-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 236Wichita Clutch ATD 236 LIB7-036-200-100-0D-722
Wichita Clutch LIB 336Wichita Clutch ATD 336 LIB6-036-300-100-06-036-300-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 142Wichita Clutch ATD 142 LIB7-042-100-303-07-042-100-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 242Wichita Clutch ATD 242 LIB7-042-200-311-07-042-200-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 342Wichita Clutch ATD 342 LIB6-042-300-302-06-042-300-303-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 148Wichita Clutch ATD 148 LIB7-048-100-300-07-048-100-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 248Wichita Clutch ATD 248 LIB7-048-200-300-07-048-200-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 348Wichita Clutch ATD 348 LIB7-048-300-301-07-048-300-900-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 260Wichita Clutch ATD 260 LIB7-060-200-302-07-060-200-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 360Wichita Clutch ATD 360 LIB7-060-300-301-07-060-300-901-9
Wichita Clutch LIB 460Wichita Clutch ATD 460 LIB6-060-400-300-0E-236

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Wichita Low Inertia Brake Product Features

  • Air applied brake with full circle friction discs
  • Available in 1,2,3 or 4 plate designs to suit torque, heat, response and space requirements.
  • Start/Stop parts have a low inertia which:
    • Reduces deceleration times and allows more cycles per minute
    • Reduces heat generated during dynamic braking conditions.
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