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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Wichita Motor Brakes. The Wichita Motor Brake series is a spring set, air release brake ideal for failsafe protection of process equipment. This brake has fast acting spring set actuation that assures quick and smooth stops. The Wichita Motor Brakes are offered in a size range of 6“ to 24” in diameter in 1 or 2 plate units.

Whether you are needing genuine Wichita parts, service manuals or parts lists, or you are wanting one of our factory trained technicians to repair your Wichita Motor Brake; we’ve got you covered. Contact the Wichita Brake experts today!

The Wichita Motor Brakes are found in a wide array of industries including crane equipment and rubber manufacturing.

Common Model NumberAlternate Model Number
Wichita Clutch MB 106Wichita Clutch ATD 106 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 206Wichita Clutch ATD 206 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 108Wichita Clutch ATD 108 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 208Wichita Clutch ATD 208 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 111Wichita Clutch ATD 111 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 211Wichita Clutch ATD 211 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 114Wichita Clutch ATD 114 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 214Wichita Clutch ATD 214 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 118Wichita Clutch ATD 118 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 218Wichita Clutch ATD 218 MB
Wichita Clutch MB 124HWichita Clutch ATD 124H MB
Wichita Clutch MB 224HWichita Clutch ATD 224H MB

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Wichita Motor Brake Product Features

  • Thicker friction disc for longer life
  • Induction hardened teeth on the hub for longer life
  • Fast acting spring set actuator for quick smooth stops
  • Low inertia designs
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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor and service provider for Wichita Clutch products.

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