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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Wichita Power Take-Offs. The Wichita PTO’s are mechanically activated and incorporates a heavy duty Eaton Fuller “Solo” truck clutch. The Eaton Fuller clutch used in the Wichita PTO prevents torsional vibration from damaging engine or transmission components or causing spline wear.

The Wichita PTO’s are available in an in-line style PTO as well as a side load. The Wichita in-line PTO design provides direct drive operation with side load capability. It has an automatic self adjusting feature and does not require a pilot bearing. The Wichita side load PTO design utilizes a pair of heavy duty roller bearings fitted in to the shaft housing. The bearing support system eliminates the transmission of side loads that could reduce durability or even damage the engine’s crankshaft.

Whether you are needing genuine Wichita PTO parts, service manuals or parts lists, or you are wanting one of our factory trained technicians to repair your Wichita Power Take-Off, we’ve got you covered. Contact the Wichita Clutch & PTO experts today!

The Wichita Mechanical Power Take-Offs are found in a wide array of industries including agriculture, construction, oil & gas, and forestry. The Wichita PTO’s are commonly used in mud pumps, hoists, wood chippers, irrigation pumps, flood control units, compressors, blowers, grain dryers, and fans.

PTO Clutch SizeTypeSAE Bell HousingAssembly NumberDrawing Number
14" FlatInline1Consult FactoryConsult Factory
14" FlatInline26-714-299-210-06-714-202-915-9
14" FlatSide Load16-714-299-211-06-714-202-916-9
14" FlatSide Load26-714-299-209-06-714-202-914-9
14" PotInline16-714-299-104-06-714-200-911-9
14" PotInline26-714-299-105-06-714-200-910-9
15-1/2" FlatInline16-715-299-206-06-715-202-909-9
15-1/2" FlatInline16-715-299-232-06-715-299-232-9
15-1/2" FlatInline26-715-299-207-06-715-202-910-9
15-1/2" Flat HCInline16-715-229-229-06-715-202-909-9
15-1/2" FlatSide Load16-715-299-208-06-715-202-912-9
15-1/2" FlatInline16-715-299-209-06-715-202-913-9
15-1/2" FlatSide Load16-715-299-221-06-715-202-918-9
15-1/2" FlatSide Load0Consult FactoryConsult Factory

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Wichita Mechanical Power Take-Off Product Features

  • Adjustment free feature automatically adjusts the clutch
  • In-line and side-load bearing carriers
  • 30 Lb. handle pull to engage clutch
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