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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Wichita Mesur-FIl Fluid Couplings, which have previously been referred to as Simplatrol fluid couplings, Formsprag fluid couplings, and Mesur-Fil fluid couplings. This line of Wichita Fluid Couplings are offered in sizes 7.0, 9.4, and 12.4. These fluid couplings are available for electric motors from 1/2 HP to 50 HP that operate at speeds as low as 500 RPM and as high as 3600 RPM. The Wichita Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings will reduce the current draw on the electric motor during start up by 33%.

Whether you are needing genuine Wichita Mesur-Fil Fluid Coupling parts, service manuals or parts lists, or you are wanting one of our factory trained technicians to repair your Wichita Mesur-Fil Fluid Coupling, we’ve got you covered. Contact the Wichita Fluid Coupling experts today!

The Wichita Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings are used in a wide array of industries including oil & gas, amusement park rides, power generation, material handling equipment, and mining equipment.

Wichita Mesur-Fil Fluid Coupling Common Model & Assembly Numbers:

Common Model NumberAssembly Number
Wichita 7.0 HCM6-607-003-000-0000
Wichita 9.4 HCM6-609-003-000-0000
Wichita 12.4 HCM6-612-003-000-0000
Wichita 7.0 HSD6-607-005-001-0000
Wichita 9.4 HSD6-609-005-001-0000
Wichita 12.4 HSD6-612-005-001-0000
Wichita 7.0 HBM6-607-004-000-0000
Wichita 9.4 HBM6-609-004-000-0000
Wichita 12.4 HBM6-612-004-000-0000

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