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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Wichita AquaMaKKs Brakes and Clutches. The Wichita AquaMaKKs are water cooled clutches and brakes designed to provide accurate torque control for heavy-duty tensioning application. This Wichita AquaMaKKs series is available in 19“, 25”, and 36“ diameter sizes.

Whether you are needing genuine Wichita parts, service manuals or parts lists, or you are wanting one of our factory trained technicians to repair your Wichita AquaMaKKs Brake or Clutch; we’ve got you covered. Contact the Wichita Water Cooled Brake and Clutch experts today!

The Wichita AuqaMaKKs Brakes and Clutches are found in a wide array of applications including conveyors, cranes, and drawworks where they serve as a main brake that provides both parking and emergency stop braking functions.

Common Model NumberAlternate Model NumberAssembly Number
Wichita Clutch KKB119AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB119AM7-119AM-W-1005
Wichita Clutch KKB219AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB219AM7-219AM-W-1302
Wichita Clutch KKB319AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB319AM7-319AM-W-1303
Wichita Clutch KKB419AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB419AM7-419AM-W-1300
Wichita Clutch KKB125AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB125AM7-125AM-W-1003
Wichita Clutch KKB225AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB225AM7-225AM-W-1300
Wichita Clutch KKB325AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB325AM7-325AM-W-1300
Wichita Clutch KKB425AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB425AM7-425AM-W-1300
Wichita Clutch KKB136AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB136AM7-136AM-W-1000
Wichita Clutch KKB236AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB236AM7-236AM-W-1301
Wichita Clutch KKB336AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB336AM7-336AM-W-1301
Wichita Clutch KKB436AMWichita Clutch ATD KKB436AM7-436AM-W-1301

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Wichita AquaMaKKs Brake & Clutch Product Features

  • Durable air tube design with high strength reinforced neoprene air-tubes, offering longer service life
  • Water channels for balanced water flow for the highest thermal capacity
  • Long-lasting friction material with minimal wear on mating copper
  • Copper alloy wear plates enable higher heat transfer than any other metals
  • Hub spline provides perfect alignment of rotating discs
  • External air & water connections
  • Release springs ensure complete disengagement
  • Adjustment for wear is easily accomplished by removing shims without any unit disassembly
  • Unique torque pin column arrangement provides structural integrity of case
  • Open case design with covers for safe, simple, visual inspection and easy maintenance
  • All AquaMaKKs units are provided with a Marine protection package for enhanced durability in any operating environment
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Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor and service provider for Wichita Clutch products.

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