Wichita kopper kool

Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the Wichita Kopper Kool Brakes and Clutches. The Wichita Kopper Kool airtube disc clutches and brakes are liquid cooled and consist of a series of alternate discs connecting an inner drive member to an outer drive member. The Wichita Kopper Kool series of clutches and brakes are engaged by pneumatic expansion of the airtube. This series is offered in a size range of 6“ to 36” in diameter in 1, 2, 3, or 4 plate units.

Whether you are needing genuine Wichita parts, service manuals or parts lists, or you are wanting one of our factory trained technicians to repair your Wichita Kopper Kool Brake or Clutch; we’ve got you covered. Contact the Wichita Water Cooled Brake and Clutch experts today!

The Wichita Kopper Kool Brakes and Clutches are found in a wide array of applications including lumber processing, oil and gas, metal production, and metal forming.

Common Model NumberAlternate Model NumberAssembly Number
Wichita Clutch KKB 106Wichita Clutch ATD 106 KKB7-306-110-200-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 206Wichita Clutch ATD 206 KKB7-306-210-200-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 108Wichita Clutch ATD 108 KKB7-308-110-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 208Wichita Clutch ATD 208 KKB7-305-210-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 308Wichita Clutch ATD 308 KKB7-308-310-101-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 111Wichita Clutch ATD 111 KKB7-311-110-106-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 211Wichita Clutch ATD 211 KKB7-311-210-107-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 311Wichita Clutch ATD 311 KKB7-311-310-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 114Wichita Clutch ATD 114 KKB7-314-110-115-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 214Wichita Clutch ATD 214 KKB7-314-210-111-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 314Wichita Clutch ATD 314 KKB7-314-310-103-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 116Wichita Clutch ATD 116 KKB7-316-110-107-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 216Wichita Clutch ATD 216 KKB7-316-210-108-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 118Wichita Clutch ATD 118 KKB7-318-110-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 218Wichita Clutch ATD 218 KKB7-318-210-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 318Wichita Clutch ATD 318 KKB7-318-310-101-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 119Wichita Clutch ATD 119 KKB7-319-110-104-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 219Wichita Clutch ATD 219 KKB7-319-210-111-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 121Wichita Clutch ATD 121 KKB7-321-110-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 221Wichita Clutch ATD 221 KKB7-321-210-102-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 321Wichita Clutch ATD 321 KKB7-321-310-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 124HWichita Clutch ATD 124H KKB7-325-110-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 224HWichita Clutch ATD 224H KKB7-325-210-101-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 324HWichita Clutch ATD 324H KKB7-325-310-101-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 125Wichita Clutch ATD 125 KKB7-326-100-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 225Wichita Clutch ATD 225 KKB7-326-200-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 325Wichita Clutch ATD 325 KKB7-326-300-101-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 127Wichita Clutch ATD 127 KKB7-327-110-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 227Wichita Clutch ATD 227 KKB7-327-210-100-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 130Wichita Clutch ATD 130 KKB7-330-110-300-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 230Wichita Clutch ATD 230 KKB7-330-210-301-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 330Wichita Clutch ATD 330 KKB7-330-310-300-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 136HWichita Clutch ATD 136H KKB7-337-110-300-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 236HWichita Clutch ATD 236H KKB7-337-210-300-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 336HWichita Clutch ATD 336H KKB7-337-310-300-0
Wichita Clutch KKB 436HWichita Clutch ATD 436H KKB7-337-410-102-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB 218Wichita Clutch ATD 218 KKSSB7-318-210-113-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB 224HWichita Clutch ATD 224H KKSSB7-325-210-106-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB-HYD 124HWichita Clutch ATD 124H KKSSB-HYD7-325-110-107-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB-HYD 224HWichita Clutch ATD 224H KKSSB-HYD7-325-210-107-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB 330HWichita Clutch ATD 330H KKSSB7-331-310-300-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB 236HWichita Clutch ATD 236H KKSSB7-337-210-304-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB 336HWichita Clutch ATD 336H KKSSB7-337-310-107-0
Wichita Clutch KKSSB 336HWichita Clutch ATD 336H KKSSB7-337-310-106-0

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Wichita Kopper Kool Brake & Clutch Product Features

  • Water-cooled brake with the cooling water contained within water jackets.
  • Copper plates quickly transfer the heat away from the friction surfaces to give good control and long life.
  • The friction surfaces are dry running.
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