The AVENTICS air clutch panel interface provides the interface between the electronic propulsion controls and the reverse gear air clutches which are used to control vessel directions. The panel is completely factory assembled and tested and contains proven, dependable control components such as a D Pilotair® valve (ahead, neutral, astern), H-5 Relayair® valve (two-rate fill), Floreg® valve (slow fill rate adjustment), shuttle valve (hard fill), etc. Choose from electro-pneumatic pressure regulator (for precise and fast fill rate) or Relayair® valve (for two-rate) clutch inflation allowing soft initial engagement. The panel includes two pressure switches for cross-engagement interlock and throttle boost.


  • Incorporates the electronic propulsion controls and the Reverse Gear Air Clutches
  • Completely factory assembled and tested
  • Proven and dependable control components
  • Pressure feedback switches for throttle/clutch interlock and throttle control.
  • Available in E/P Regulator or Pneumatic Relay Valve Versions