Easton joined PJ as the janitor when he was still in high school, it is hard to believe that he has already been with us for over three years. Easton is part of Successful Work Options which provides quality employment options for those with disabilities.

“Successful Work Options is a supported employment agency specializing in assisting people with disabilities to acquire and maintain employment. SWO has excellent working relationships with a variety of community-based companies.”

It has been so rewarding having Easton as an employee. If your company is located in the Madison, WI area and want to learn more, you can reach out to Successful Work Options directly by clicking here.

A few words from Craig Parsons (President)

Of all the things PJ has done in the last several years, nothing makes me prouder than the difference we're making in Easton's life, and the difference he's making in ours. Seeing him walk in the door brightens my day, every day. Not only does he keep this place spic & span like it's never been before, but his attitude towards his work is inspiring. And I have to say, he's got me pretty well trained to rinse out my yogurt containers before they go into the recycling. I even do it at home! Easton, thanks for all you do for PJ!!

About Easton

What is your role at PJ?


What is your favorite part about working for PJ?

Talking to the employees

What is your favorite food?

Pizza and Chili Dogs

What do you like to do for fun?

Yard work at home

What are some of your job duties?

Shredding (favorite), cleaning the bathrooms, helping with the dishes, mopping, sweeping, wiping down tables and other surfaces, vacuuming, taking out the trash.