Pictured: Jeff Magusin (left) & Mark Young (right)

Our heart is our talent, and we do everything possible to inspire the people that drive our company. This employee spotlight series will offer an inside look into the culture and community that make up PJ. Learn more, firsthand, from the people who have found a home here. Today we will learn more about Mark Young, winner of the 2017 Salesman of the Year Award.

A few words from Brad Lyons (Vice President of Sales & Marketing)

Mark has been with Palmer Johnson for nine and a half years. After getting hired into Outside Sales, Mark quickly realized that focusing the bulk of his time on the Oil & Gas market would be where PJ would see the biggest return on his effort. With Palmer Johnson standing behind Mark's efforts, we reestablished ourselves as a market leader. Mark proved value early to our organization by “focusing” PJ and quickly we began to add inventory and resources to support him.

In 2015, Mark was promoted to lead our Oil & Gas Division as Oil & Gas Market Manager. The downturn of 2016 hurt, PJ resized and Mark's team stayed positive and focused. During this time our Oil & Gas team helped us make strong smart investments.... And, when this key market turned back on in 2017, Mark and team had PJ ready. Also, under Mark's direction in 2018 PJ added a new Service Center in the heart of the Permian Basin, PJ Odessa! Our Oil & Gas division broke records in 2017 and has since grown by 70% in 2018. We are proud to be represented in this Key Market by Mark Young and our entire Oil & Gas team. At our celebration in Vail, CO; we had a little fun with it and awarded Mark a set of Steak Knifes and plaque with Jeff Magusin's picture (the face of PJ Sales) on it! Mark loved it and quickly divvied out the knifes to the team around him to share in a good old fashioned steak. Congrats, Mark- you're the man. Thanks to you and the rest of our Oil & Gas team!

A little about Mark

What inspires you to come to work everyday?

Taking care of customers and growing sales for the Oil & Gas team and PJ

What is your favorite part about working for PJ?

That PJ is a privately owned company where you can have a relationship with the owner and have a great time working in a fun environment.

What are 3 words to describe PJ?

Opportunity, trusting, freedom

What is your favorite PJ perk?

All of the wellness programs and pro rated insurance based on a HRA score.

List five hashtags that describe you

  • #determined
  • #focused
  • #reliable
  • #helpful
  • #successful

What do you like to do when you're not working?

I enjoy playing and watching sports, spending time with my wife and kids, fishing and hunting

People would be surprised if they knew:

I am a pretty serious dominoes player, regular bones and Texas 42

What is your hidden talent?

Olympic level ping pong player