Are you looking for a robust, durable and low maintenance line of steering systems?

Palmer Johnson now has your solution with Jastram Engineering. Jastram is well known for its commitment to quality, from initial design continuing through the manufacturing process to system commissioning and after sales service.

Jastram is built on the understanding of how critical steering is to the operation of any vessel, which is why they design and manufacture to the highest quality. All steering systems are approached on a project by project basis. Their line of products range from simple manual steering for small vessels, to digitally-controlled integrated systems for large ships. Steering systems are built with precision components carefully matched to ensure long life and exceptional performance in all operating conditions.

No worry control solutions

Jastram is able to design your steering system to meet all major marine classification rules and requirements. This means you have one less thing to worry about, the responsibility of obtaining steering gear classification is on us. Palmer Johnson and Jastram engineers are available for commissioning and sea trails should either owners or shipyards require this service.

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