Palmer Johnson Power Systems has over 40 years of experience in offering applications and service support to the marine industry. With our extensive product knowledge, inventory and national service network, we offer our customers valuable solutions from the Midwest to the West Coast.

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Danny Salas

Danny Salas

Marine Account Manager

Josh Spillner

Josh Spillner

Marine Account Manager

Our Marine Solutions

Steering Solutions

  • System interfaces with Twin Disc EC300 control system to improve day to day operations, including a single push to command station capability.

Hybrid Solutions

  • Transfluid Hybrid Drive is a “true” parallel hybrid capable of operating in diesel or electric mode.
  • Capable of running in diesel, electric or “boost” mode which enables the simultaneous use of both the diesel and electric motor
  • Transfluid hybrid electric systems offer a smooth integration with an onboard power system; this allows the boat owner to review the electricity balance for on-board services, and optimize the use of batteries to replace part of on-board generators.
  • Transfluid Modular Hybrid System is a complete system solution with batteries, control system, cables, motors and modules to work in conjunction with your existing diesel engine and marine transmission.


  • When you outfit your vessel with new engines (re-power), you should also review your transmission.
  • Changes in engine power ratings could also affect the transmissions' ratings and gear ratio.
  • Evaluating the torque requirements will reduce the potential for transmission damage, early failure, and downtime.
  • A re-power engine is often a different size. This can cause offset and compatibility issues when utilizing the older transmission, not to mention added modification costs.
  • Older obsolete transmissions can add hidden costs when it comes to parts availability, torsional vibration issues, and downtime.

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