Moving day is here! We are thrilled that our second service center in Sun Prairie WI will be fully operational very soon. This new 20,000 sq ft RECON Equipment Center will be dedicated to Equipment Services; Reconditioning, Re-Powers, Service and Repairs of equipment.

This new space gives us the capacity and tools we need to perform all aspects in house. Servicing our customers large scale projects with a dedicated team in a facility built for it provides the framework in which we can best control costs, quality and turnaround time. The shop is massive! It’s built for the big, heavy, pushed hard, and fast machines that our customers need up and running to get the job done.

We also benefit from the extra space our Powertrain Reman Center is gaining right across the street. This 4500 sq. ft. of shop space houses a Machine Shop, Test Stands, Paint Booth, Clean Room, Parts Washers and 20+ workstations dedicated to remanufacturing and repairing transmissions, axles, engines and other powertrain components.

Frequently Asked Questions:

RECON Equipment Center? What do you work on?

  • RECON ensures the quality and reliability, improve fleet ROI and profitability for the long term
  • Machine Repairs
    • hydraulic
    • electrical
    • boom cables
    • cylinders and more.

What's ReNew, ReFresh, RePower?

  • ReNew = Remanufactured to OEM Specs, scope of work and upgrade options touches each and every part of your machine
  • ReFresh = Refurbished to OEM Specs, touch on every major operating system
  • RePower= Modernization, re-gear, upgrade, electrification

What types of equipment do we work on?

You name, we work on it! But here is a good list for those of you that like lists...

  • Telehandlers
  • Booms
  • Cranes
  • Scissors
  • Rail Trucks
  • Trenchers
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Road Construction
  • Earth Moving, and many more off-highway applications!

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