Twin Disc’s new AM080 can dramatically change the way you think about stocking and sourcing engines by providing the hydraulic power you need in a configuration that will work with any industrial engine. Typically, aux PTO’s located on the side of a diesel engine can’t handle much hydraulic power, so many engine manufacturers provide repto drive options on the back of an engine above the housing output to provide high horsepower hydraulic outputs. The challenges with these configurations are that you don’t have the option to remove or change the location of these repto drives when you don’t need them giving you very little flexibility when space is at an all-time premium due to emission regulations. This becomes a problem because they are expensive options and they often have much longer lead times which makes forecasting difficult.

Twin Disc’s AM080 solves all these issues and more! The AM080 ranges in housing sizes from SAE#3 to SAE#0 on both the input & output, which covers the good majority of industrial off-highway engines. Options include single or dual towers that can provide up to 450 HP to up to 4 hydraulic pump mounts without the need for a charge pump or external cooling in most applications. There are also two-speed increasing options, 0.87:1 and 0.77:1 to help size down hydraulic pumps. The AM080 can also be clocked in any rotation giving design engineers more flexibility on the space requirements. The pump pad mounts are modular so they can be easily swapped with different sizes. The AM080 can support diesel engines with ratings up to 1200hp.

With the flexibility and simplistic approach of the AM080, customers can greatly reduce the purchasing strain and engineering resources needed to find these solutions from their engine provider. These units have been highly engineered and tested by Twin Disc, and can be delivered in as little as 8 weeks. Please reach out to Trident Engineered Solutions for any questions or to learn more.