Cotta Transmission Split-Shaft PTOs

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Eliminate the cost and deadweight of a deck engine by using the main engine to power both the truck and deck equipment. Cotta Split Shaft PTO's (sometimes called Split Shaft Transfer Cases) allow one engine to do the job of two by routing main engine power to either the rear wheels or the deck equipment.

This is accomplished by using a split input shaft in combination with a single clutching sleeve. In road position engine power is connected straight through to the drive axle. In PTO position the axle driveshaft is disengaged and engine power is re-directed up through the gear train to outputs to operate the deck options such as pumps, compressors, blowers, etc. The clutch is designed so that it will not engage in both the PTO and truck mode at the same time. In operation you drive to the work site, shift to PTO, and go to work.

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