Funk 2000 Powershift Transmission

Palmer Johnson is an authorized Funk service center and distributor. We maintain an extensive inventory of Funk 2000 powershift transmission parts along with factory trained technicians that can get you back up and running in no time. Contact the experts today to learn more about how we can help you with your Funk 2000 powershift transmission needs.


Net input power (max): 168 kW (225 hp)

Input no load speed (max): 3000 rpm

Converter stall torque (max): 1627 Nm (1200 lb-ft)

General Data

Input: Counterclockwise

Output (forward gears) counterclockwise: 473.2 mm (18.63 in) drop

Output (forward gears) clockwise: 244.6 mm (9.63 in) drop

Approximate dry weight: 336-408 kg (742-900 lb)

Mounting: Engine, midship, or remote

Speeds: 3F/3R, 4F/3R, 6F/3R

  • Notes

    Assembly & Model Numbers:

    2133E110B, 2133E1300B, 2133E130B, 2133H00OB, 2133M130B, 2143E130B, 2143E14, 2152E130B, 2163E110B, 2163E130B, 2163E14, 2163E140B, 2163H000B, 2222R000B, 2233E110B, 2233E13DB, 2233E14, 2233H00DB, 2233R000B, 2243E13NB, 2243E14NB, 2243H000B, 2244H000B, 2252M110B, 2263E1, 2263E13, 2263E1301B, 2263E130B, 2263E13B, 2263E13DB, 2263E13NB, 2263E140B, 2263E14DB, 2263E14NB, 2263H000B, 2263H00DB, 2263H00NB, 2263M13DB, 2263M14DB, 2263R000B, 2263R00DB, 2333E13DB, 2333E140B, 2363E13BC, 2363E2130B, 2000, 2133, 2143, 2152, 2163, 2222, 2233, 2243, 2244, 2252, 2263, 2333, 2363, 10133, 10294, 10610, 10852, 11061, 11135, 11297, 11581, 11959, 12078, 12607, 12647, 12908, 13456, 13474, 13545, 13623, YZ10133, YZ10294, YZ10610, YZ10852, YZ11061, YZ11135, YZ11297, YZ11581, YZ11959, YZ12078, YZ12607, YZ12647, YZ12908, YZ13456, YZ13474, YZ13545, YZ13623, YZ15805, YZ13878, YZ13885, YZ13978, YZ14169, YZ14215, YZ14277, YZ14334, YZ14347, YZ14360, YZ14481, YZ14483, YZ14494, YZ14606, YZ14625, YZ14637, YZ14686, YZ14837, YZ14913, YZ14961, YZ14994, YZ15105, YZ15175, YZ15176, YZ15328, YZ15341, YZ15513, YZ15934, YZ15948, YZ16395, YZ16568, YZ16581, YZ16586, YZ16732, YZ16756, YZ16791, YZ16792, YZ17090, YZ17129, YZ17152, YZ17204, YZ17586, YZ17606, YZ17857, YZ17903, YZ18781, YZ18784, YZ18795, YZ18870, YZ18900, YZ18930, YZ18943, YZ19058, YZ19227, YZ19296, YZ19318, YZ19357, YZ19393, YZ19415, YZ19464, YZ19482, YZ19720, YZ19734, YZ19244, YZ19307, YZ19341, YZ19599, YZ19716, YZ19764, YZ19925, YZ20347, YZ20490, YZ20100, YZ13891, YZ14907, YZ14926, YZ14969, YZ15078, YZ15394, YZ16404, YZ17052, YZ17118, YZ17953, YZ18164, YZ19023, YZ13928, YZ14502, YZ19078

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Service done right

Funk Service Network

Palmer Johnson's six-location factory-authorized service center network features:

  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Field service
  • Onsite troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Unit removal and installation

For Funk service, call 1-800-341-4334.

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Madison, WI

Service Center

Service: (608) 834-5206

1835 Haynes Dr
Sun Prairie, WI 53590


Dallas, TX

Service Center

Service: (817) 505-2430

608 112th St
Arlington, TX 76011


Denver, CO

Service Dealer

Service: (720) 724-0033

5151 E 56th Ave
Commerce City, CO 80022


Kansas City, KS

Service Center

Service: (913) 202-6944

15360 South Mahaffie St
Olathe, KS 66062


Los Angeles, CA

Service Center

Service: (562) 356-1590

12020 Bloomfield Ave
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


Oklahoma City, OK


Sales: (800) 341-4334

Oklahoma City, OK 73128


Phoenix, AZ

Service Dealer

Service: (602) 253-0214

2401 S. 19th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034


San Francisco, CA

Service Dealer

Service: (510) 342-2212

1930 W Winton Ave #14
Hayward, CA 94545


St. Louis, MO

Service Center

Service: (636) 203-9811

578 Rudder Rd
Fenton, MO 63026


Philadelphia, PA

Service Dealer

Service: (215) 822-8300

159 Discovery Dr
Colmar, PA 18915


Fort Myers, FL

Service Dealer

Service: (239) 693-7477

4821 Waycross Road
Fort Myers, FL


Vancouver, British Columbia

Service Center

Service: (604) 879-6731

6741 Cariboo Rd Unit 205
Burnaby, British Columbia V3N 4A3


Edmonton, Alberta

Service Center

Service: (780) 434-9578

3804 53rd Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3N7


Seattle, WA

Service Center

Service: (425) 251-3434

1710 136th Ave E Suite 200
Sumner, WA 98390


RECON Equipment Center, WI

Service Center

Service: (608) 834-5220

1828 Haynes Dr
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

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