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Palmer Johnson has your engine management solution with Auto-Maskin. Auto-Maskin products have stood the test of time due to a focus on innovation, quality, and the ability to be agile towards market and customer needs. Auto-Maskin has become the trusted supplier for solutions that require the best in protection, functionality, quality, and compliance to global standards.

World-class engine management lies at the core of Auto-Maskin’s expertise. Whether the client needs a premium feature unclassed touchscreen unit (Marine Pro 200 series) or a fully IACS certified engine controller (Marine Pro 400 series) and (Marine Plus 300 series), the benefits to both the engine packager and the end-user are class defining.

Marine Pro 200 Series

PJP Auto Maskin Marine Pro Series 200

Compact, Capable, Perfect

• Perfect for any non-classed engine installation

• Premium unclassed touchscreen units

• Easy to configure - no special tools or software required

• Compatible with today's electronic engines via J1939

• Easy, low-risk field upgrades via a USB port

• Operational safety with 14 languages built-in

The Marine Pro 200 series provides the latest in technology and capability to diesel engine users and specifiers. Auto-Maskin provides a series of modern, value-added, integrated products that allow crews to operate equipment safely, cost-effectively, and intuitively well.

Marine Pro 200 also provides owners with the compliance, accountability, and traceability required in today’s operating and chartering environments. Functions and information are readily available to an operator from a single home screen, with additional features and actions in customizable screens and locations. Installation and commissioning are made easy by the Ethernet architecture which means literally “Plug & Play” connectivity over standard cabling.

The core engine controller [DCU] is complemented with a range of add-on remote panels, functional modules, and other accessories to allow for any installation, be it propulsion or generating set, to be achieved quickly, with low technical and compliance risk.

Marine Plus 300 Series

PJP Auto Maskin Marine Plus Series 300

The Proven Choice

• Cost-effective, compact and society approved panel series

• The choice for mechanically controlled engines

• Fully IACS certified engine controllers

• Robust and cost-effective panel systems

• Easily configured with PC software

• Expandable I/O system

• Includes a remote panel option

The Marine Plus 300 Series of diesel engine control units (DCUs) has continued the long tradition of Auto-Maskin in providing cost-effective, simple, easy to install and Classification certified equipment to the marine engine market globally.

The series includes engine panels, expansion modules, and remote panels. The engine panels are easily configured using the Rudolf Configuration Software, and the remote panels configure themselves to the DCU 305 network automatically upon connection.

Marine Pro 400 Series

PJP Auto Maskin Marine Pro Series 400

The Next Generation- Today!

• Sophisticated panel series for all engines in a society approved application

• Well suited for multi-engine installation

• Fully IACS certified units

• Easy to configure - no special tools or software required

• Easy, low-risk field upgrades via a USB port

• Operational safety with 14 languages built-in

The Marine Pro 400 Series provides vessel owners and engine specifiers with a fully IACS certified range of engine controllers, remote panels, and functional modules.

Easy to install and operate, the 400 Series reduces resources and required skill levels, reducing costs in both these phases of operation. Clear, accurate information provides the correct tools and indication to allow crews safe, efficient, and reliable data to enable the lowest cost of operation. With secure internal memory recording events, a strong troubleshooting section for engine and systems, plus multiple communication standards for remote monitoring, the 400 Series gives owners long-term accountability and record keeping.

Chosen by multiple engine makers around the world as standard equipment, the Marine Pro 400 Series stands out as the leader in IACS certified marine diesel engine control.

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