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We Have Funk AG250 & AG150 Hard to Find Parts - Shafts & Gears

Funk AG150 AG250 Transmission

Funk's AG250 and AG150 series transmissions have become a household name in the agriculture industry, owing to their exceptional performance. These 18 speed transmissions are used by leading tractor manufacturers such as Challenger, AGCO, Massey Ferguson, Allis, and White.

Despite being discontinued by Funk for new production, these transmissions have remained a staple for many farmers, and thousands of them are still in use today. However, managing these transmissions has become increasingly challenging due to the non-availability of certain critical parts, such as gears and shafts, which have also been discontinued.

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To address this need, Palmer Johnson has taken the initiative to secure and offer aftermarket gears and shafts, which are no longer in production. With these parts, farmers and other users can effectively maintain and repair their transmissions and tractors for years, extending their lifetime and investment.

Below is a list of these items, along with the corresponding tractor and transmission they are compatible with, to aid users in their search for the right part.

Funk Transmission ModelFunk Spec NumberTractor Brand & ModelTransmission Parts We Have
YZ15735Challenger - MT635, MT645, MT655, 
AGCO - DT160, DT180, DT200, DT225
Massey Ferguson - 8250, 8260, 
8270, 8280, 8245, 8220, 8210,
AGCO Allis - 9785, 9775, 9765, 9755
AGCO White - 8810, 8710, 8610, 8510
YZ250278 - 2nd/4th Stage Shaft
YZ250276 - 6th Stage Shaft
YZ250277 - 7th Stage Shaft
YZ250012 - A Gear
YZ250023 - B Gear
YZ250030 - C Gear
YZ15215Massey Ferguson - 8210, 8220, 8240
Challenger - MT565
AGCO - RT130, RT145
YZ150198 - Shaft
YZ150036 - 40T Gear

Contact us for a quote on one of these hard to find shafts and gears.

Palmer Johnson Funk AG150 & AG250 Transmission Experts

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