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Providing Funk Pump Drives Faster Than Ever

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Palmer Johnson proudly introduces the launch of our Funk pump drive program for the 28000 and 59000 series! With this new program, we have doubled our inventory on 28000 & 59000 series pump drives, as well as adding a plethora of hard-to-find input and output options to meet our customer’s full breadth of needs. Additionally, we are improving our typical turnaround time from weeks to days on most pump drives within this program.

This Funk pump drive program began as an idea that product support manager, Tom Adams, developed over the years of working hand-in-hand with our customers and identifying a need for quicker turnaround options on pump drives along with a greater variety of gear ratios as well as input and output options to be readily available.

Typical factory lead times for Funk pump drives can fluctuate between 6-10 weeks which does not typically cut it for our customers with a unit down in the field. However, with the launch of this new program, we can build up new pump drives and have them ready to ship in 2-3 days!

How The Program Works:

Funk Pump Drive Program

We are changing the fundamental idea of how pump drives are inventoried. The traditional method is to purchase a fully assembled pump drive from the factory that includes an input and the outputs. We have moved to an approach of stocking pump drives at the group level. Instead of having a completely assembled pump drive in our inventory, a pump drive is stocked into the main housing group, gear ratio group, input group, output pad groups, and output spline adapter groups.

This slight change on the inventory side allows us to stock a full array of the gear ratios, inputs, and outputs used on these pump drives. We proactively break down new pump drives into the respective groups.

Once a customer order is placed, it only takes an hour or two for one of our factory-trained technicians to build up the new pump drive to the customer’s configuration. Because our technicians are factory trained, this maintains the original Funk/John Deere warranty.

Funk Pump Drive Models Included in This Program Launch:

North America’s Leading Funk Pump Drive Supplier

With the introduction of this new Funk pump drive program, Palmer Johnson is firmly solidifying itself as the go-to resource for all of your Funk pump drive needs. Whether it be a brand new service replacement pump drive, a pump drive for a new application, parts support, rebuilding of a pump drive, or troubleshooting issues with an expert, we are here to assist you with all of your Funk pump drive needs.

Call an expert today to experience how we can get your Funk pump drive back up and running quicker than ever!

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