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Legacy Pump Drives - Terrell & Hub City

Several legacy pump drive series are still in the field with numbers in the thousands, but the manufacturers no longer support replacement parts or new pump drives. As a result, legacy pump drives are a problem with no solution for most pump drive providers.

But here at Palmer Johnson, we have developed solutions to quickly provide a replacement pump drive and get you and your piece of equipment back up and running quickly!

Terrell Pump Drive Replacements

Terrell Pump Drives Logo

The most common legacy pump drive that we have customers inquiring about is the Terrell (Durst) series of pump drives. Initially manufactured by Terrell Gear Drives, often referred to as Terrell Off-Highway. Terrell was later purchased and manufactured by Durst, a division of Regal Beloit.

Terrell Pump Drive 1

The Terrell series of pump drives was made obsolete at the start of 2020, with no more replacement parts or new units being produced or sold. Since then, Palmer Johnson has refined the process for updating a customer to a new pump drive that is in current production. As a result, we have updated dozens of old Terrell / Durst pump drives since the obsoletion of this series.

Custom Solutions

Several solutions are available to you, depending on the existing unit, engine, and desired timeframe. We have replaced Terrell Pump Drives with the new generation of Durst, Funk, or Twin Disc Pump Drives. A replacement pump drive can be built up and ready to ship in as quick as 2-3 days.

Terrell Pump Drive 2

Recently the president of Northland Hydraulic Service, Phillip Gerber, inquired about replacing a VD0 model Terrell / Durst pump drive. After a brief conversation to verify the existing configuration of his pump drive, we were able to provide a replacement pump drive that was ready to ship out within one week.

“PJ helped me replace an obsolete Terrell pump drive. The new one appears to be an identical replacement. This was a very seamless crossover.”

Most instances are as Phillip described; the replacement pump drive will have very similar overall dimensions to fit seamlessly into the existing application.

Common Terrell / Durst Pump Drive Models:

KF8, KF9, KD0, KD1, KJ0, KJ1, KM0, KM1, KF4, KF5, KF0, KF1 KJ4, KJ5, KN4, KN5, KJ2, KJ3, KK2, KK3, KL2, KL3, VD0, VD1, VF4, VF5, VJ4, VJ5, VF0, VF1

Hub City Pump Drive Replacements

Hub City Logo
Hub City Pump Drives

The Hub City pump drive is another common legacy gear still seen in the field. This pump drive was manufactured initially by Hub City, then Federal Gear Products, and most recently by Durst, a division of Regal Beloit.

This series of pump drives has been obsolete for a few years, meaning no replacement parts or new units. Like the Terrell / Durst pump drive, we can update a customer into a pump drive in current production and have a replacement pump drive built and ready to ship in as quickly as 2-3 days.

Common Hub City Pump Drive Models:

751C, 751D, 751E, 751F, 762C, 762E, 762F, 802C, 802E, 802F, 763C, 763E, 763F, 803C, 803E, 803F, 804C, 804E, 804F

Palmer Johnson Pump Drive Experts for 45+ Years

No matter what model of Terrell or Hub City pump drive you have, we have the proven solutions to get you back up and running. The best way to get quoted into a current production pump drive is to contact Palmer Johnson with the spec tag information from your existing pump drive along with the horsepower and RPM of the engine, along with a timeframe of how quickly you need a replacement pump drive. So don’t wait; give us a call today, and you can breathe easy knowing that you are in the hands of the pump drive experts.

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